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Organize whatever you need during your stay with our specialized concierge services when you come down to Paxos for your vacation. We know that each of our clients comes from a different background and has different needs. Our customized concierge solutions ensure that no matter how complex or detailed your needs are, you are not disappointed in any way.

When you sign up with Kuero Hospitality for your vacation, we designate a dedicated concierge for your needs. This way, you only need to contact one person to get your requirements fulfilled, and our concierge is able to give you the best service possible. Our concierges are hand- picked for their knowledge of the island, their ability to handle needs with professional expertise, and their passion for excelling in the hospitality industry. We can guarantee that your concierge will prioritize your needs above all else.

From the moment of your arrival until the time of departure, we will be at your disposal. Our unparalleled services include: transport to your villa or hotel to and from the port, villa pre-stocking, chef-cooking services, meet & greet, car & boat rentals, discounted rates in one of the finest Spa and Wellness facilities in Paxos.